Have a question? 

I tried my best to answer some right here. Take a look!

What is Jifo?

Jifo is a little shop that I created after drawing some images for friends. It started on Etsy then I wanted to add better, more images so I made a website for them. This is their home...for now. :)

What format do the digital stamps come in?

They come in a black and white JPG format. If you want a transparent PNG, just note it in the email! They are high quality 300dpi images for clear details. 

How do I order?

You can find out more on that here.

Can I give my friends images that I bought?

Sharing images without my permission is not allowed.

You can print out the stamps and share them with your friends and family for their personal use.

DO NOT obtain, sell or give away my images in shares of any kind in digital or printed format without my permission. This includes sending them in emails, mailing them, posting them anywhere online for people to get, etc.

Instead, you can direct people to this shop to try out some freebies or follow us on Twitter for random giveaways.

Do you give freebies?

Yes! You can get them in the Freebie section, and/or our blog. I also give them away now-and-then on Twitter (@JifoDigis). All Terms are still applied to freebies.

Do you have special deals of offers?

As of right now, these are our current offers:

  • For every $10 you spend, you'll receive a sentiment of your choice from here.
  • If you tweet or email us with a picture of your creation using one of our images, you can get a random image from our shop!
And you can always have surprise deals on our Twitter.

Can you sponsor me?

Totally! Just send us an email and we'll discuss!

Is my information secure?

Yes. All transactions are made through Paypal. You can visit their website to learn more about your imformation. 

How do I receive the products I bought? 

When your payments are received, you will get an email with the products attached. From that, you can download the images. Tip: always have back up because if you loose all versions of an images, we will not send you another copy.